Hope to have a new course posted soon. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wigwam Golf Resort Blue Course

Over the weekend, Zombie Will and I decided to try out the Wigwam Golf Resort Blue Course. We've golfed at the Wigwam before last year on the Red Course. The Wigwam Golf Resort has 3 very nice courses, Blue, Red and Gold. The Wigwam is a great course, especially in the summer. There are plenty of giant trees for shade, and plenty of water features and ponds to keep it cooler. The fairways and greens are well kept and the golf attendants, were very nice and attending. Zombie Will and I played pretty darn well that day. The only drawback that I can see is that many of the fairways parallel each other and at some points are very narrow. Which wasn't an issue for us, but definitely an issue for other golfers that shanked and spanked their ball into different fairways. There were several instances where people's drives were banking off trees. Trust me, not everyone got a membership bounce. For some reason the term "duck" comes to mind. Near the end of the round I was feeling a little shell shocked from all the in-coming golf ball mortor. Despite that, I had a great round and I am looking forward to giving the Gold course a try. I will just wear a helmet next time. I'm kidding. I vote anyone coming to visit Phoenix and the surrounding area should definitely give these courses a try. Big Zombie 9 on the zombie scale!

To book a tee time at the Wigwam email: www.wigwamgolfclub.com or call 623-935-9414 / 1-800-909-4224

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sanctuary Golf Course at Westworld

First, let me say I went back to Estrella last weekend to take another crack at the course, since we had a wind factor. I have to be honest, I can't blame those questionable shots on the wind.

This weeks blog is about Sanctuary Golf Course in Scottsdale. This very narrow, some what tough course wasn't bad. This course is built in a flood plan area, where the power lines and the Salt Rive Project canal meet. You will notice many a picture with power lines in the background. The course was well maintained and the staff were very nice and helpful. Especially when our golf cart ran out of juice and Will had to push me up a hill to the next tee box. The cars are equipped with GPS, so a quick push of a button had a new cart delivered in no time at all. Though I have to admit, I did enjoy Will pushing the cart. There was also an Ashton club rep on the turn at the 10th tee. Before our round, I demo-ed a putter. Which I totally fell in love with and had to buy. Not a cheap around of golf that day. I didn't have a bad round of golf, but I get this feeling there is a magnetic pull that sucks the golf balls in the direction of the small sandy ravines. Could be the electro magnetic fields coming from the power lines or just the fact that I couldn't drive straight. I vote we go with the latter. All in all this was a fun course, not as scenic as most but definitely fun.

To see pictures of this course, click on the Photo Bucket link to the right. To book a tee time:

www.sanctuarygolf.com or call 480-502-8200

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Golf Club at Estrella Ranch

The Golf Club at Estrella Ranch is one of Arizona's fun and challenging courses. It's a hidden gem in the Estrella mountain range. The staff is super nice. Big shout out for Denny. He is one of the attendants at the bag drop and was very nice. It was a gorgeous day starting out and even my not so great shots weren't all that bad. The real challenge came into play when the gale force winds picked up on the last 5 holes. I was worried about hitting into the wind and having my ball come back to knock me in the forehead. There was one episode when my visor blew off and I was sent scrambling through the desert bush to tackle it. No worries folks, I saved it. On the turn at 10, we picked up some munchies which were pretty darn good. The gals/guys in the snack bar were very nice and had our food out quickly. Estrella Ranch is well maintained and fun to play. I enjoyed it so much, that we are going back this weekend to play again, minus the hurricane force winds. (Hopefully). I give this course a 10. Please feel free to comment on this course.

To book a tee time at Estrella Ranch:

www.estrellagolf.com or call: 623-386-2600