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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phantom Horse, Arizona Grand Resort

This weekend the Zombiez foursome, which is made up of King GoZo (Will), Queen Zomberina (Susan), ZomBean (Benita) and ZomGor (Gordon) took a whack at the Phantom Horse golf course at the Arizona Grand Resort. I can honestly say that my game improved from last weekend’s hack and whack session at Gold Canyon. Yeah! Phantom Horse is a very nice course and also very difficult. There are many a blind greens, narrow fairways and some rather difficult dog-legs. Phantom Horse is also known for the infamous 14th hole a.k.a “Jail House Steps.”(pictured above) If the elevated green doesn’t eat your lunch, the massive sand bunkers below the green will do you in. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is some type of magnetic vortex field that sucks golf balls into each sand trap as you sand wedge your way up the hill. If all else fails, a trusty dusty hand wedge does the trick (I’m kidding). The course has many scenic tee boxes and friendly staff. I love friendly staff. The 18th hole is very impressive, with it’s elevated tee box. It has great view of the mountain ranges and the sprawling City of Phoenix. After your 18 is done, I vote you try the little bar in the lounge area. They serve some of the best fish tacos and other very nummy dishes. This course is not for beginners. i.e., the 3-some in front of the Zombiez clan, hit at least 2 balls into the drink, which was about 20 feet from the tee box. Ba-loop. My rating on this course is a 9 on the Zombiez rating scale.

Guest Blogger ZomBean (Benita) adds her course critique:

Phantom Horse at Arizona Grand… Grand it is and you’d better be GRAND as well, especially off the first tee box. Why you may ask? Well, all the patrons of restaurant sitting on the patio will be watching you like a hawk. It is a little nerve wracking for the new or intermediate golfer who suffers from a lack of golf confidence or performance anxiety in front of a crowd. And yes, I do mean me. Thankfully however I am a She-Zombie and decided to hit off the She-Tees…(insert your joke here) not in located in front of the clearly amused restaurant patrons.

The He-Zombiez started the amusement with one rapidly shanked ball in the water! The other, made it safely across. Once the warm up at the first hole was over, we Zombiez started on a collaboration of equally good and bad shots at every hole. One of us was on, the other three were off. What was happening? If this had been best ball, we would have done great.

The overall course is a bit odd to me; the front nine is very different from the back nine. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it is just different. I absolutely loved golfing at this course because the scenery and the mountain views are absolutely beautiful! Kudos to the staff at Phantom Horse as well; they are all very attentive. Once the Arizona heat kicks in, someone comes around with ice cold, scented towels to help cool you off. Now that is what I call service! Once you’re done golfing here, you simply have to go into the little bar area and experience the best fish tacos you ever ate! The tacos are so good; I don’t even want to try anything else on the menu!

To book a tee time at Phantom Horse, please email or call:
www.phantomhorsegolf.com or 602-431-6480

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gold Canyon Dinosaur Course

Wow, isn't all that I have to say. This course is stunning. The views are breath taking and the fairways and greens are immaculate. Even if you totally stink at golf, just being on this course will make you appreciate life more, then just having a great drive off the first tee. The starter and cart attendants are super friendly. Everyone there seems to be in a great mood. Probably because the course is so nice. Actually, not everyone was in a great mood. After about the 3 hole, my mood was quickly deteriorating. For some reason, I left my A- game at home and decided to bring my N game for non-existent. I know people say that a bad day at golf is better than a good day at work. But what about a really bad day at golf. I was truly humbled by the golf Gods. I think I'm going to change my name to Hack-a-potimus. Though I'm not the type of person that will take a beating sitting down. I have vowed to return to the course and return the favor by giving the course a beat down in the like. I give this course a 10 on the zombiez scale! Not for a beginner.

To book a tee time at Gold Canyon: www.gcgr.com or call 480-982-9090 / 1-800-827-5281

Please click on the photobucket link to the right to view Gold Canyon Dinosaur course.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rancho Mañana Golf Club in Cave Creek

Whether you're a native, transplant or just visiting, you will definitely enjoy the beautiful Rancho Manana Golf Club in Cave Creek, Arizona. From the moment we walked into the club house, we were greeted by super friendly staff. The cart attendants and the starter were great also. In fact, when someone, we won't mention any names, accidentally left my golf bag open and the attendant picked up my bag, about 30 golf balls went bouncing in all directions The attendant was so nice and helped me chase golf balls. Big time thanks Mr Golf Attendant dude. The fairway and greens, well are, very green. The course is in great condition and the scenery is awesome. On the 10th tee, there is a little dining building called the Oasis. Had great hot dogs and bratworst. This course is narrow and has plenty of housing hazards for you shank-a-potimus'. The course is also teaming with wild life and beautiful wild flowers. In my opinion, this is a challenging course and probably not good for beginners. On the golf zombie scale, this course rates a 10.
Click on the photobucket link to the right to see more of this course.